About Edward (“GFoppy”):
A quiet 32-year-old living in Singapore who plays way too much videogames. Dreams of writing a good longform article one day (on any engaging topic) and to master the Japanese language to the highest possible level. Currently learning the violin.

This is mostly a place for me to blog casually about games, to keep my writing edge sharp, and to occasionally share whatever great works of games writing I come across on the Internet. I will also blog about non-games stuff whenever I feel like it.

You can also follow me on Twitter @GFoppy to read random daily (re)tweets about games, football, and pro wrestling.

About the term “Cruel Ultimatum”:
The term refers to a card from Magic: The Gathering. It is a very expensive card, costing seven mana to cast: Two blue, three black, and two red. Basically, it’s a late-game card that is quite difficult to use because of its high, specific casting costs. But it is very powerful: once you play it, your victory is essentially assured. The decisive, costly finishing move that seals your opponent’s fate: The final, cruel ultimatum.



4 comments on “About

  1. Hey there! I took a look around your blog and liked what I saw. Pretty interesting stuff! And I completely agree about your reasoning on Fire Emblem Awakening and Lunatic Mode being bad by design.

    I also saw your twitter (not to sound stalkery) and saw you’re a fellow Japanese learner, so I decided to follow your blog and hope to comment when relevant. Hope you don’t mind! Keep up the good work. : )

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