2 comments on “The Inevitable End: Parting thoughts from a successful Lunatic Conquest playthrough of Fire Emblem Fates

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was going to redo the entire Lunatic play through because I was stuck at chapter 26 and it’s been stuck there for a while. I’m the type who like to build my own strategy and have as little help from other sources as possible, but I got here thinking I might get some thoughts from someone who finished Lunatic.

    I’m not a big fan of cheese strategies or games that require knowledge of the map (and the entire game) beforehand to avoiding being cheesed by the game, so what you said here made me aware of what’s going on past where I was stuck.

    You saved me a lot of time and stress from going through a harsh and narrow road. Thanks. I’ll wait for the next FE game and replay Echoes.

    • I played Hard mode Conquest first totally blind, then eventually replayed Conquest again on Lunatic. I didn’t have any knowledge of what “extra stuff” was added for Lunatic, and was totally not prepared for Chapter 25, where the Ninjas and Automatons on that map have Inevitable End. Luckily my Benny was strong enough to plow through the left blockade, and even then he almost died.

      It was at that moment where I realised that IntSys had created a “bait-and-switch” campaign for Lunatic Conquest. It drove me quite nuts because this is not how videogames should be designed — it’s absolutely unfair for players who don’t have the right lineup, skills, or characters. Fortunately I had enough resources to perform the Rescue chain for the final chapter, it was a leftover trick that I learned from Awakening.

      I haven’t played my copy of Echoes yet and I’m looking forward to finishing it on Hard mode. Hopefully without any of the Lunatic nonsense from Fates.

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