10 comments on “Beware of Minus 417: Aggressive sales tactics and borderline disrespect for customers

  1. I get approached by -417 sellers a lot of times too. I don’t get the “free samples”, I just keep on walking but the sellers will follow me, even when I’ve already declined. Really annoying! I’m tempted to take the sample and throw it in the air!

  2. I was at ION when they suddenly grabbed me and dump salt on my hands too lol… and I fell for their hard marketing argh. It seems like they mark up the prices like crazy and then discounts them. And they persuade you to buy things little by little so that you won’t realize that you have spent a big amount. For me, the sales marketer first promoted the body peeling and body butter, and after i made payment, she offered the facial wash and cleansing gel, and after i made payment, she offered the cinderella lifting mask, and after i made payment, the vitamin moisturiser and mud beauty mask. The sales marketer I was talking to seems very nice, saying that she is selling it to me without taking any commission at all. Afterwards, I went to qoo10 to check, and to my horror, the prices are much cheaper there. Here are the list of things I bought, compared with the qoo10 cheapest price. Same size, same product.

    Product Name – Aromatic Body Peeling
    Price bought – 70(1 for 1 with the body butter)
    Cheapest Price at qoo10 – 62.97

    Aromatic Body Butter

    Luffa facial wash (the green bottle in the review)
    60(1 for 1 with cleansing gel)

    Cleansing gel

    Cinderella Lifting Mask
    64 (This pains my heart so much)

    Vitamin Moisturizer

    Mud Beauty Mask


    After I finished purchasing all this, I was offered this Miracle Wrinkle Filler thing. They said that it is a full treatment to replenish the collagen in your face, so you have to buy 4 boxes of Miracle Wrinkle Filler for $480 and the two boxes of Serum for $300 smth for 1 year supply. So the total should be 2600 smth, but I have no idea how she calculate everything, in the end she said i can get all that for $1400, then she threw in another Cinderella Lifting Mask that cost $280, Body Butter $120, and VIP Facial for $180. Seems like a good deal isn’t it? She was sooooooooo persistent, but luckily i quickly escaped. And when I checked the price at qoo10, wheeeewwww. The Miracle Wrinkle Filler was only sold for $114. Seriously, what the f?! So yeah, guys, please BEWARE OF -417 HARD MARKETING!!!!

    • YES! please beware not to agree to any demo or facial analysis, they will say this would take up only 15min of your time.

      I was at ION also, and were being approached by one of the sales person. She introduced me to the body scrub and asked if I like it, later on she handed me over to her Manager, whom I think is the “old bird” there, she offered to do a free demo on their lifting mask and said that no obligation to buy, however, when it comes to printing of the receipt for the product, (i only purchased the facial scrub at first) she pretended that the machine is busy and asked me to wait for a while, then she went on to promote her other range of products which she kept saying she is not earning any commission and she only giving this good offer to me only.

      In the end, she asked me to get the lifting face mask, and so call gave me the body scrub free, this cost me $224., later on she said why don’t i get another lifting face mask, she can give it to me at $90 since she is the manager there. (i was thinking, how come so drastic difference!) I was very reluctant but she kept putting the stuff in my bag and keyed into the mc, furthermore, she started to put some other stuff inside and keying into the system, I said “NO” very firmly this time and told her i don’t need it at all. Just less than an hour, i spent $410.

      I felt very piss off by the hard sell and pushy sales person and warn all ladies and gentlemen not to stepped into this shop at ION, they really squeeze you as though you are printing money. I promise myself I will never walk near to any -417 outlet, never again, even thought the product is good. Don’t believe anything they say about saving you lots of money through their discount they giving you. If you really want to get the product, get it online, there’s lots of “vampires” in the shop., I believe other outlets will apply the same techniques.

    • Omg, i fell for their sales tactics too. I got a total of 8 products there for $550. I don’t think they’re the best for my skin tbh, i’m starting to have breakouts… but i spent so much…

  3. My friend was scammed by them out of approximately $50000. After researching them online, I found that basically all Minus 417 (-417) stores are scams. There are also variations of the scam under names, such as OROGOLD (ORO GOLD).

  4. Oh my god, this is the most common way to sale in malls. Everydoby know that if you dont want to spend time with these sapespersons just dont take the samples at the begining or ignorw them ir you are in a rish. But You dont have to do such a problem with that. It is annoying when it happens, but nothing more than that. It is so obvious they will try to show you the product inside the store,again, everybody knows that. And that is why they are standing outside the stand or store in the door giving free samples . Maybe it is your first time, but this is nothing new in any brand and in any mall. Yes they walked you into the store to persuade you, that’s their job. What a waste of time, but It’s nothing personal, mean or disrespectful. It’s just annoying, nothing more that it. I agree woth the price thing, it is unethical, but again, every brand or store does it in different ways. I can’t believe you spent 20 minutes trying to get away from her, I always says politely ” I can’t do it right now, but thank you” , I take the sample if i want and that’s all. Never had to spend that long to get away from them, ever. Im sorry you have such a bad experience, but really, happens everyday like , nothing more than a sales tactic. Everybody knows that. It is not such a big thing…

    • You said it yourself, it’s an “unethical” practice. And yet many other people have fallen prey to their pressure tactics, check out some of the earlier comments.

      Have you read the news recently about a phone shop in Sim Lim that cheated some foreign customers of several hundred dollars? About how one foreigner even cried at the shop, begging for their money back? Are you going to use the same argument that this is “nothing new in any brand and in any mall?”

      So if you encounter another shop like Minus 417, a shop that clearly uses unethical tactics to sell stuff, you’re just going to wave it off as an “everyday” thing? That it’s okay for other customers to get pressured by them? That’s like condoning a bank robbery, where it’s okay for someone to walk up to the counter with a knife and demand money, all because “it’s nothing new and happens in any country”. Condoning an illegal act makes you just as bad as the people committing it.

      Please think very carefully about the meaning behind your words before you post another amoral comment.

  5. same… $220 ripped off. I WANT A REFUND. i literally went on their facebook page and raged then the CEO and founder replied me im like shit ok wtf

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