2 comments on “Dreaming a dream

  1. Don’t you already write about video games both here and on that no game no talk blog? Didn’t your dream already come true?

    Why would you want to make your bread by intruding into a field where the only way to survive is to get in bed with the developers? Where the only way to garner readers is to have exclusivities and early previews? Where the only way to keep your readers is by being an echo chamber to them? Where writing low quality, click bait articles is the norm?

    I wanted to become a video game programmer/creator since I was young, but since everything became so Hollywood, my dream shattered right before my eyes, along with the rising popularity and prevalence of despicable figures.

    Your sports writing is very good, I actually read BallBall before local pieces. Sports journalism still holds very high quality and standards.

    • NGNT is not a paid job, just a “hobby” thing that me and another friend started. I would like to try a professional games writing job where I am compensated for my work.

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