One comment on “Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao: the under-appreciated merits of defence in sports

  1. As a former boxer I can tell you that match was sort of interesting from a tactical point of view. Let me start by saying that rules in boxing haven’t always been the same, and they differ by quite a bit depending on categories. For example in amateur boxing, a hit that knocks someone down or a simple clean hit are worth the same : 1 point.

    In this match, if ‘Queensberry’ or ‘London’ rules have been used, it would have definitely been Manny’s game. Mayweather is an out-fighter so his style is definitely molded after the current ruleset. Sluggers/brawlers like Manny have a hard time in these kind of rules because you can only earn a maximum of 10 points per round : hits, dodges and clinches, so your only chance is a knockout.

    The real problem with the dissapointment, however, was the hype. It was overhyped as ‘the fight of the century’ so people expected an explosive, spectacular and bloody fight. From a fighter like Mayweather, that’s not the case.

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