3 comments on “A brief defence of English language dubs in Japanese anime

  1. Are dub haters that common? I don’t remember meeting anyone who completely hated dubs just for being dubs. I think the reason most people listen to the Japanese subbed, is probably because it comes out much earlier than the dubbed, typically, in the form of fan subs, or official subs.
    Dubbed anime’s are definitely not bad though, I think it all depends on which one you experience that specific anime with first. Despite not understanding what they’re saying, you can still associate characters with their Japanese voices, or vice-versa for dubbed.
    Like as an example, I can’t watch Code Geass subbed at all, I’m too used to the dubbed voices being the characters I know and love. Same thing with Toradora, but with their respective Japanese voices instead.
    In the end, they both have their pros and cons.

    A bit off topic, I’m most likely gonna stick around this blog. It seems quite nice.

    • Yes, dub haters are very common here in Singapore, to the point where the mere mention of “English dub” is met with swift, automatic condemnation by many fans.

      A disagree slightly with the argument that just because you viewed an anime in a particular language first, you will immediately be biased towards the other voiced languages, as I have described with my The Slayers example. Although I have to admit that there are some English dubs out there, especially for older series, that are extremely bad. But the overall quality of dubs has improved a lot in the past few years.

      Thank you for commenting. Feel free to stick around for posts about videogames, cartoons, football, and whatever stuff I feel like blogging about.

      • Wow, I’m surprised that the bias in Singapore is that definitive! I’ve always been rather curious as to which countries influences your own. Hrm… I think I’m gonna look into that myself, since it’s a tad off topic.

        I definitely can’t speak for others with my ‘argument’ about viewing orders language-wise, but everyone is probably different. I know I’m influenced by it, as one of my more recent experiences being Valkyria Chronicles. It’s one of those games which starts with english vocals by default, and personally, I find it superior in english.
        I do see what you mean by your example of The Slayers, as I had a similar experience with Cowboy Bebop (which to be fair, is kind of like cheating, since both the voice acting for the dub and sub are really good.)

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