12 comments on “Kill la Kill — an alternative translation for Senketsu Kisaragi 「鮮血更衣」: Senketsu Metamorphosis

    • If you have a better translation for kisaragi to English in a KLK context, I’m all ears. I am genuinely curious to see if there are any other better alternative words.

  1. Kisaragi means “to wear more clothes” -_- so the translation would be “senketsu with more clothes” or something like that

      • Did you read my entire post? I know what 更衣 means, but obviously you can’t subtitle it as “Senketsu wear more clothes”. We need something more poetic to describe “wear more clothes”.

  2. I agree with the Metamorphosis translation. Here’s why: the two kanji in what you’re translating have some innate nuance. They can be read conjugated together with japanese grammar, which means “to change clothes.” Giving us something like fashion week. Or, they can be read for only the meaning of the characters, which means “change-clothes,” or “clothes that are transforming,” like your metamorphosis translation. There is some ambiguity and probably a deliberate play on words and kanji choice here. Picking one to translate into a phonetic language cuts out one of the double meanings in the use of the characters. For the reasons above and especially the obvious visual metaphor, I think Metamorphosis is the better choice of the two, plus it sounds way better in English. Using a translation from the kanji meanings might have been weird to the translations team…

    • I still find “Fashion Week” to be way too jarring and off the mark for a translation. This is supposed to be Ryuko’s strongest, ultimate transformation! No way am I going to allow it to be called “Fashion Week”.

      • Can I say it’s not Chinese and I’ve seen multiple that call it fashion week and if that’s my love’s most powerful form (I didn’t particularly like it) then deal with it.

      • What do you mean by “it’s not Chinese?” Those are Chinese characters, all of Japanese kanji are inherited and borrowed from Chinese.

    • Doesn’t sound poetic enough. ;/

      Remember, this is Ryuko’s strongest, most powerful transformation that she needs to use in order to defeat Ragyo. “New Wardrobe” and “Fashion Week” doesn’t sound very terrifying.

      • I guess that’s fair. Fashion Week just seems to fit with the clothing themes throughout the series, but it’s true it has little dramatic weight, especially for a big final transformation.

        It’s worth noting that the name might be a reference to the protagonist of Cutey Honey (Honey Kisaragi), which was the first magical girl series aimed at boys. A lot of KLK’s plot subtly homages CH.

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