11 comments on “The Kill la Kill finale lost its way: half-full, half-satisfying, and half of what it could have been

  1. I had the same thought process when I saw the final episode. I thought that is was a bad ending to a great show. I will still be re-watching the series in the future but it definitely could have ended better.

  2. I’m glad KLK is over so I don’t have to hear my friends’ pseudo-intellectual masturbation about this show. To paraphrase the eponymous character of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, only the shallowest of people find depth where it doesn’t exist.

    • Are you accusing us of being pseudo-intellectuals?

      There is nothing wrong with delving deeper behind the surface and finding your own interpretation of a show and its hidden references, however miniscule they are. This comes with many years of watching lots of TV shows and movies, and learning how to spot and appreciate the creators’ intentions.

      We want to find a deeper meaning behind what we are watching not because we want to fap to ourselves, but because we love it and are fascinated by it. It is our passion, and passion makes us consume our hobbies from every possible angle.

  3. I have to say I completely disagree with your ending argument. Completely irrational and over the top is kind of Triggers MO when it comes to animes. I mean, look at how Gurren Lagann is. Everyone from both animes are way over the top and there’s little explanation to why. No one seems to question how Simon and friends were able to escape the multi-dimensional mind labyrinth that they were all trapped in. Nobody questions the power of the Spiral and Simon. So why question Ryukos power to keep going. It is said that the closer she gets to death the stronger she becomes. I do however agree on the animation part. I just feel that it’s kinda weird to ask for a proper explanation and buildup from a Trigger made Anime.

    • Again, my background as a viewer is that of an action fan — I have watched many action shows over the years, and the best ones always show the protagonist finding a way to win in a plausible way. Gurren Lagann is not a fair example to use here because from the get go, the show already established itself as something over-the-top, so you don’t really question the finale battle when the robots start throwing galaxies at each other.

      KLK is also over the top, but the resolution of the fights were still grounded in some sensible reality. If you pay attention to all of Ryuko’s fights, there was proper build-up and resolution as she slowly but eventually figured out a way to beat her opponents. From figuring out the trick to defeating Gamagoori, to her clever sneak attack on Satsuki during their Osaka duel. This was something that was established very early on in KLK, and I found it very jarring that the finale betrayed this principle.

      I knew that Ryuko would surely combine both scissors into one, but that it would not be strong enough to cut Ragyo (that would be way too easy). Perhaps she would have used it as a clamp to drag Ragyo all the way to the sun, and melt away Shinra-Koketsu with the power of the sun’s heat and radiation (not even life-fibres can withstand the origin of all life — the sun!). This was my original prediction on how the fight was going to end. Instead, she just bulldozes into Ragyo’s attacks and nullifies Shinra-Koketsu with an eleventh hour deus-ex machina. This felt very cheap and lazy to me, which was why I was disappointed with the finale.

      • The Flying into the sun thing seems like a ridiculous expectation, given that the sun is 93~ million miles away and for Ryuko to drag Ragyo and Shinra Koketsu who would definitely be beating her up for the YEARS it would take to get there. Not to mention also the covers would probably destroy the earth before Ryuko got halfway to the sun (1/4 of the journey)

      • You are probably right. But who says Ryuko needs to take weeks to reach there? Maybe some sort of teleport move or slingshot that propels her towards the sun faster than expected. This is KLK we are talking about, who knows what sort of crazy stuff might happen. Unfortunately it all fizzled out at the disappointing finale.

  4. I felt like the final episode was rushed too. Like it was supposed to be longer. Like a whole episode longer.

    At the end of episode 23, the final suit was finally finished, and Ragyo was about to put it on. Then when episode 24 starts, the heroes are already fighting Ragyo, who has apparently already put on the outfit in between episodes. Not only that, but apparently it also swallowed up Ragyos African American follower too?

    WTF? This is THE outfit. The ultimate clothing, which has been built up for several episodes now. The clothing of a god. And we dont even get to see her put it on? No transformation sequence? We have seen the other characters transform like 100 times. Its just, bam shes wearing it, and already fighting.

    On top of the stuff you mentioned too. It definitely felt rushed to me.

    • The finale really needed just one more extra episode of build-up, it’s clear that the creators ran out of time and money to produce more.

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