4 comments on “Returning to World of Warcraft

  1. Hello,

    Interesting post. I had thought on going back but I do not have the time to invest in such a game. Are you planning in being a casual player and how are you able to invest time playing, if you don’t mind me asking.

    Regards, Aaron (:

    • It helps a lot if you have friends to play with you. Two of my friends just recently re-subscribed and we’re just walking around the zones doing quests and the occasional dungeon. You don’t really need to devote massive amounts of time to playing an MMO, maybe 1-2 hours each day before bed time. Just pick a time where everyone is free and just log in and have fun.

      I would like to try out some of the old raids eventually (and kick Garrosh’s ass in the current one), but I’m in no hurry to level at all. I’m more of an MMO player who enjoys exploring the world, picking up new quest chains, and leveling up my professions. This is why I returned to WoW because it’s the only MMO I know where exploring is fun.

      • That’s definitely something I agree on. I’ll only go back if my friends do as well otherwise it will not be as fun. As for me, I prefer arenas etc where I may need to spend a longer period to get where I want, thus hindering chances of going back. Especially doing into university nxt year I don’t see myself playing it anytime soon. For now, the occassional live stream of others is fine. Have fun and keep me updated on the thing!

      • I posted my experience for the first 35 levels in a recent blog post, be sure to check it out. I’m hoping to make this a weekly update, where I can post my progress and any interesting quests or lore that I come across.

        Here is the link

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