3 comments on “How a case of bad assumption can cause people to become riled up

  1. From my POV of a third party and a voice of reason, you were too harsh and as a community leader you shouldn’t have let everyone get riled up like that. It’s not really common knowledge that demos don’t adapt to the game settings and his assumption, while it ended up wrong, is made on common sense. Excluding him from the group also implicitly means he’s excluded from the MB community and from the arcade community since he’s now too ashamed to show up there in case he runs into you guys. His response was just him backpedalling and trying to get out of the argument as fast as possible with little ‘moral damage’, because at the end of the day, it’s just fucking video games and no one got killed.

    I think you guys should meet and talk it out on a cold one because cutting a friendship over something like this is silly

    • There is actually a very long, hidden story on the significance and importance of having 3-round MB matches. It’s very personal to me and to a few members of our group.

      Please re-read my post to get the order of events right: I didn’t rile the group up, Bob did. Everyone reacted angrily to his news (because of their memories of the aforementioned hidden story), which turned out to be false. All because he did not check.

      I am willing to forgive Bob if he just acknowledges his mistake and apologises. He has not done so yet. It’s his choice if he doesn’t want to, but I still stand by my decision.

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