2 comments on “Winter (Comiket) is Coming: a simple, for dummies guide to surviving Comic Market in the winter

  1. It’s events like these that show what an ass backwards country Japan is. There’s no reason other than poor organization or just pure ignorance to not have enough shit for everyone and worse, have your customers stay like sheep on an eternally long queues.

    There’s no reason why this can’t be put up online to gauge customer interest and make as many items as you need. WHY? Coming from a former communist state I can’t stand more than 5 minutes of queueing.

    • The queues, while incredibly long, were very well organised. There were dozens of marshals (maybe over a hundred) to guide the crowds along and ensure that there was no stampede or rampage (despite all the shoving and nudging). They did their jobs very well — calling Comiket “poor organisation” is an absolute lie.

      Not all booths, especially the indie booths run by doujin groups, have the resources or logistics to gauge interest and print as many items as they want like you said. Things will inevitably get sold out at a convention, it’s just a matter of when.

      If you have ever attended any type of convention or exhibition on this sort of scale, large crowds are inevitable. Please also remember that Japan is a very densely populated country — queues happen every day, everywhere in the city areas. Queues are a very normal part of their daily culture.

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