19 comments on “Level Four Revive Materia: the finality of Hate Plus

    • You are probably right. But on the other hand, there’s absolutely no reason for Ryu to kill Heo when she was already imprisoned, the rebellion had been all but crushed. Anyway, this is just my interpretation, thanks for the comments.

  1. The achievement displays a pic of New *Mute with the dress. That doesn’t mean *Mute is really revived, just that we found a way to have her change clothes.

    • Are you sure it refers to New *Mute?

      1) No one has managed to obtain the achievement yet. Check the Steam global achievement stats, it’s currently at 0% for Level Four Revive Materia.

      2) The fact that the achievement is called “Level Four Revive Materia”, is already a reference to resurrection. Revive Materia is a Final Fantasy term, more specifically, a reference to an FF7 hoax where Aeris could be revived after her death.

      3) http://l4rm.wordpress.com/

  2. Don’t forget, Kim Hyun-ae also committed suicide by deactivating life support. (The AI Construct is… as hard as it is to accept, NOT her)

    • I was referring to the suicides in Hate Plus only, but yes you are right, she technically commits suicide by removing the ship’s life support.

  3. I’m researching this game for a paper, and I really enjoyed this post. Very insightful and thoughtful. I hardly ever bother to comment on things, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your really well-put thoughts on Hate Plus (and I’d never thought about the imposed 12-hour waits like this; what a great insight!).


    • Researching the game for a paper? Is it psychology related? That sounds amazing, good luck. Be sure to check out my other post, the one about Eun-a and her role as a villain.

  4. “P.S. Christine, if you are somehow reading this, I really hope that the Level Four Revive Materia is a red herring, or some sort of joke achievement, because if the player could really “revive” *Mute and prevent her death, then the entire impact of the tragedy would be muted (no pun intended) and lost on the player. Death is absolute and final, there are no restarts or second chances.”

    Despite what a great point that is, I hope that there is some kind of work-around that would keep *Mute alive, because if not, then there are two achievements that I can never get, and that’s just plain frustrating -.-

    • That’s what fanfiction is for? Or the L4RM mod that was created by some Steam community members.

      I still wouldn’t touch L4RM personally though, because I have already accepted *Mute’s ending.

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  6. What I actually thought, when it happened, was “maybe I should do that too.”

    I don’t feel that Hate Plus has anything useful to teach about suicide or tragedy. It simply *is* a tragedy, in the literal and not the dramatic sense. I think it’s great that you’ve found meaning in it, but I also don’t think that there’s anything preventing you from getting the same meaning out of any other tragedy, like a train wreck or plane crash. It contains as much useful commentary on the subject as a flash video of stick figures decapitating each other.

    Besides the way that *Mute’s suicide affected the suicidal, because suicide is contagious, I think the other tragedy is the loss of the story that could have been told. How would *Mute have reacted to reading Eun-a’s diary entries? The game doesn’t tell us, because you can only see them on *Hyun-ae’s route, even though they’re basically irrelevant to her. Whereas *Mute would have been confronted with proof that her whole life was based on a lie.

    From the flippant way Love has handled the controversy — and again, from the fact that Hate Plus contains nothing to set it apart from other senseless tragedies — I feel like her intent was not to teach a lesson, but was either laziness (not wanting to tell that story), a lack of empathy (the inability to tell that story), or just plain trolling (the desire to tell a story that she knows will hurt other people). I don’t feel that any of those motives ought to be celebrated. I don’t feel that a story which is, at best, a hostile force of nature, ought to be celebrated either.

  7. I actually liked New *Mute better, since she was way more reasonable about the log entries. Of course, then I was disappointed that she still failed to see things from Hyun-Ae’s perspective. I guess she does not have access to some critical logs in that route, but still… Having lost the bias from the brainwashing that *Mute had, New *Mute was more perceptive about all other events described in logs – so, she could’ve wondered if there was actually something significant behind a decision to, oh I don’t know, kill everyone on the ship? But, nope, just “I don’t want to read about that murderess”.

    Saying that *Mute died because of her? Yeah, right. That was because she was brainwashed by Eun-a, and *that* was because she failed as a security program. Putting a person in power because he’s supposed to not have an agenda, and then ignoring the ever-more-obvious signs that he DOES have one, for years, until it’s too late? Giving those people the root password, after knowing all that they did, and somehow believing they would let her be after that? …No, all incarnations of *Mute were flawed – old one made several terrible decisions, next one was brainwashed from the start, and newest one wouldn’t even read all the log entries with you! (I mean, it’s a limited number of logs, she has no memories, you’d think she would want to absorb all she can about the past…)

    So… the only thing I miss about *Mute is that impossible-to-get Steam achievement – and New *Mute is the best *Mute!

    • All three *Mutes have their own strengths and flaws. I think the biggest lesson the game was trying to teach us at the end of her route was: can you still accept this New *Mute, after what her previous incarnation did by committing suicide?

      As heartbreaking as it was, I still liked New *Mute because of her capacity for wanting to learn from what her previous selves did wrong. We all make mistakes, we need to find the courage to face them and not repeat them.

  8. When *Mute committed suicide I had a very different reaction to the ones you posted. I looked at it, sighed and went “Mute wouldn’t like to see me like this.” so I smiled when the New *Mute appeared.

    I’ve learned to deal with death with a smile, after all, crying over someone won’t bring them back. Though in character, I would’ve headed to Pyongyang and tried to see if I could plant a flower in memory of *Mute and Hyun-ae.

    • Was Pyongyang a visitable place in the world of Analogue? I seem to vaguely recall reading some log entries about the city… but can’t quite remember the details.

      • Yeah, the Tourist Email you get in Hate Plus points out the Pyongyang Gardens.

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