2 comments on “In honour of Ho Kun-Xian: Singapore’s first ever EVO champion

  1. From a foreigner’s point of view, this is rather curious because I always imagined Singapore to be a pinnacle of video games. For such a small country, at SEAM I saw singaporean flags everywhere and there are AT LEAST 3 singaporean dota organizations with some name to them : First Departure, Neolution.Int and Team Zenith. I don’t know anything about SC2 since I think it’s a shitty game but right there on NGNT front page is an ad for SC2 World Championship series. There’s also big arcades AND that huge ass Alienware Arena.

    It’s kinda cool you know Xian, I always wanted to meet him since he looks so cool but the opportunity will never arise.

    • There is absolutely zero support for eSports players and tournaments here outside of the gaming community, our government does not really consider gaming to be a valid “sporting career”. The problem lies mainly with securing sponsorship and funds to travel to overseas tournaments to compete: many of our best eSports athletes are still youngsters, some of them in their late teens even, and can hardly afford the expensive travel fare out of their own pockets.

      There was a recent case where a Singapore League of Legends team wanted to travel to Brazil to compete, but couldn’t raise the funds to pay for the team’s flight ticket there.

      Xian is a very exceptional example, and he is quite fortunate to be sponsored by Madcatz who help to pay for his travel and accommodation. The community here is hoping that his victory will help raise more awareness about eSports so that the government can chip in a little bit to help these aspiring (but broke) athletes.

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