One comment on “Anatomy of bad decision making: a Japanese MBAACC example

  1. First of all, allow me to congratulate you : ever since I bewildered you about poor content, you really stepped up to the plate and the blog is really enjoyable again. Now about this article :
    From what I watched of japanese gameplay (my country has no arcade scene so this is just an observational note) one word defines their scene : YOLO. They try to have as much fun on their credit as they can. Daigo (and many other japanese players, but I’m using him as a prolific example) is actually famous for never being afraid to throw a fireball or a shoryuken during a match.

    The YOLO scene seems to pose a lot of problems for players who are not familiar with it, since Dieminion (famous american Guile player) could barely keep a 50%-55% winrate at a japanese arcade.

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