2 comments on “A heroine is reborn: Tomb Raider is a triumphant reboot || No Game No Talk

  1. When I stumbled upon your blog I fell in love with the honest-too-good style you have, style which seem to be fading. I understand you got a quota to fill but other than the arcade score card which is really fun to read, the rest of the (new) content feels pretty thin and impersonal by comparison.

    If I was on metacritic this would have obviously struck me as a paid review, as it only promotes the positive aspects of the game (using the correct buzzwords, of course), the negatives getting a passing mention at best, completely neglected at worst, missing the idea of Tomb Raider and the only saving grace is the lack of a 10/10 Editor’s Choice.

    I will probably still pop around here just to read the arcade score card, but with minimal to no interaction as there is no content to interact with.

    a somewhat dissapointed fan

    • I am not paid for any of my games writing. I never intended that writeup to be a “review” per se (hence the absence of a score at the end), just my own honest thoughts about my experience with the game, which happened to be overwhelmingly positive. If you think it was bad, wait till you read the works of other “professional” game writers here in Singapore. It’s far, far worse. But thank you for the feedback.

      Again, I am doing this all during my free time, which is in short supply the past few weeks as I have just started a new full-time job while juggling my own Japanese studies. If you really liked the arcade score card I’ll be sure to keep it updated weekly, there are some weeks where I am just too tired and lazy to keep track of my wins in the arcade.

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