4 comments on “Gaming writer’s mental block

  1. That’s why people do impressions — you lay out what you played so far, what you like about it or don’t like about it, then call it a day. But that would be your call. In the end, you have to stick with your philosophy. That probably requires you spend more time playing games than doing anything else lol For example I generally take a day out of the week to write anything for my blog. The rest of the week? Doing RL stuff and playing FE. It’s a case of discipline here 😀

    • Yeah, “first impressions” was the word I’m looking for. I should do more random impressions in a casual tone. It helps to take the stress off having to rush and complete the game somewhat and allows me to just write down something.

  2. Yeah, impressions can be a great way to get words down in-between reviews and larger stories. My problem with them, though, is that I feel like I’m limiting what I’ll have to say about the game when I do actually discuss it in full. Also, since I’m never really reviewing brand new games, it doesn’t feel like there’s any point to rushing. I feel like the longer I write, the harder it’ll get to think of substantial posts, though. Right now I can cruise and talk about whatever I want to, because the whole medium’s open for discussion. But I’d hate to be somebody who’s already talked about it all… you’d really have to stay on top of current events to write larger stories. Then again, if you’ve written enough you’ve probably learned enough to write interesting stories on the fly.

    Also, just finished Tomb Raider and started Vanquish tonight. Woooooh! Gonna have to get Fire Emblem one of these days…

    • Fire Emblem: Awakening is great. For almost 2 years after the 3DS was launched, I’ve struggled to find a “must-play” game for the 3DS system. Awakening finally fulfills that role, and every 3DS owner should play it.

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