3 comments on “[Updated: 4 April] A compilation of literature and cultural discussions for BioShock: Infinite

  1. Am I the only one who isn’t impressed by Bioshock Infinite? Everyone is praising it like it’s Jesus’ second coming but for what is called a ‘video game’ there sure isn’t a lot of ‘game’ going on. Well, this has been happening for years now, and sadly, this is the future.

    Actually, why isn’t this a cinema release? Oh yeah, because no one is stupid enough to pay 60 euros for a movie ticket other than gamers.

    • I am not sure what you mean by “there isn’t a lot of ‘game’ going on”. Infinite is not perfect in my book but I could appreciate and understand what its creators were trying to do, as did many other gamers.

      • I thought for a week for a reply and I decide I’m going to dodge the bullet. You think it’s good and I won’t try to convince you otherwise.

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