One comment on “(Re-post) SCII campaign afterthoughts: why it sucks

  1. I agree, random blogger that Google showed me. Not a lot of Starcraft talk is about the single-player, but it needs to be said that the storyline, characters, and even gameplay just sucked. I really liked the whole space cowboy thing at first, but then it started to get old since that was the only thing the campaign had going for it. Also, giving us units like firebats and medics which aren’t even in multiplayer really served to make the jump from single to multiplayer much more difficult. I would disagree that human Kerrigan is a bad thing, though. I was actually happy about that. Remembering Kerrigan from the early SC1 missions made me miss her, and I’m interested to see where they go with her. Unfortunately they will probably just enlist her in the fight against the hybrids or something. Ah well. Nothing is as good as it used to be =P

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